Token service API (deprecated)

This API will allow you to create and manage tokens through your application. You'll be able to access all BSV token protocols accessible through our agnostic token solution.

This API accompanies the Token Studio, accessible via the TAAL Platform. It manages all supported tokens.


If you are a tokenisation platform willing to tokenise asset-backed, utility or payment tokens this API will allow you to access different BSV protocols which suit your needs. As per today, you will be able to access the STAS protocol.

To better understand all capabilities of this API, you can access our token studio which is its graphical interface.

The Token service API can be used independently from the Token Studio UI. It supports token creation and broadcast on the supported networks.

The supported networks are:

  • Mainnet (coming soon)

  • Testnet

Authentication & plans

All endpoints are protected with an API key, which can be purchased on the Taal Platform through different plans available.


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