1. How can I cancel a subscription?

Subscriptions last for a month and they are automatically renewed unless you specify it. If you don’t want to renew one of your subscriptions:

  • Go to “My Account”

  • Unselect “Auto Renewal” for that subscription

2. What can I do when I can’t find the subscription that I want to cancel?

  • Go to “Support”

  • Create a ticket for Taal Support team.

3. How can I view my purchase history?

  • Go to “My Account”

  • Click on “Invoicing & Billing”

4. How can I change my payment method?

  • Go to “My Account”

  • Click on “Invoicing & Billing” - “View More”

  • Click on “Payment methods” - “Add payment method”

  • Edit the desired subscription to use the new payment method.

5. How can I request a refund?

  • Go to “Support”

  • Create a ticket for Taal Support team.

6. How can I check the status of my refund request?

  • Status of refund requests will be updated on the ticket

7. When will I get the money back?

  • It takes about 10 business days for those valid refund cases. You will be kept informed on the ticket you raised for refund.

8. How can I get the invoice?

  • Go to “My Account”

  • Click on “Invoicing & Billing”

9. What happens if I don't pay TAAL Client subscription?

Subscription will be terminated and the corresponding API Key revoked.

10. Will TAAL charge me after free trial?

TAAL will only charge for the paid plans. To avoid limitations on Free keys, you will need to upgrade that specific key.

11. Can I upgrade my account?

In the circumstance where you change your subscription pursuant to the Transaction Processing Agreement, you must cancel your previous subscription directly with Stripe. Subscriptions through the TAAL services will continue to accrue automatic renewal charges via Stripe until such cancellation is received by Stripe.

12. When will I be billed for my subscription?

Billing happens at the time of subscription or renewal

13. When will my subscription be renewed?

Same day next month.

14. Can I pay with PayPal?

At the moment it is only possible to pay with Credit Card

15. What will happen if the remaining allowance for my plan is 0?

The usage exceeding the allowance will be billed apart

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