Send BSV

Ability for the user to send satoshis to a valid address on the network.

Receive BSV

reveals a BSV address or QR code.


It shows the history of transaction with transaction ID and block height.

Add account

Ability for the user to add new account by creating new wallet with password, network selection and mnemonics .


The smallest indivisible unit is a bitcoin. 1E8 Satoshis = 1 bitcoin

Recovery phrase (also called seed phrase or mnemonic phrase)

A recovery phrase is a group of words, usually 12 or more that are generated when a new crypto wallet is created. You can use the recovery phrase to retrieve your crypto accounts, using any compatible wallet.


The Passphrase is an advanced feature that adds a 13th word of your choosing to your recovery phrase.

Using a Passphrase will cause an entirely different set of addresses to be created which cannot be accessed via the 12-word recovery phrase alone.

Aside of adding another layer, the Passphrase grants you plausible deniability when under duress.

If using a Passphrase, it’s key to store it securely and remember it perfectly, character for character.

Get Balance

Enables user to get the latest balance reflected in the account.


Testnet only. Will send a small amount of BSV test coins to your account.

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