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What is TAAL?

TAAL delivers value-added blockchain services, providing professional-grade, highly scalable blockchain infrastructure, and transactional solutions to support builders and businesses building on the BitcoinSV protocol.

TAAL Services

Transaction Processing

As a Transaction processor (or miner) TAAL validates clients transactions and time stamps them by sequencing and encoding them into blocks, which are then published and added to the BSV blockchain.

TAAL API is an easy to integrate, open communication channel to the blockchain. By connecting an application to this endpoint data, in the form of transactions, can be processed, instantly verified, and once settled this data can be viewed anytime. Creating great value to applications that require real time blockchain data at scale, now and into the future.

Digital Asset Tokenization with STAS Protocol

The STAS token protocol is an on-chain Bitcoin script-based solution that enables you to build token solutions for any number of use cases without having to use external servers. This means there is no dependency on off-chain, third-party servers that can potentially expose the issuer to security issues (such as a server being hacked or the platform shutting down).

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Other benefits

  • The ability to have low-cost transactions (less than a penny), which make a difference when issuers are dropping millions of NFTs, for example. This attribute means more margin for the issuers on primary and secondary markets.

  • Interoperability with ecosystem wallets and other blockchain platforms.

  • Transparency allows the token to be tracked throughout its lifecycle, which makes a difference in a regulatory environment.

  • No network congestion — as the tokens are issued at the network level on a blockchain that scales unbounded.

You can license this technology from TAAL, download the SDK, and start building their next game-changing NFT or digital asset platform today!

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