This API accompanies the website to form a suite of blockchain explorer services run on fully independent infrastructure.


WhatsOnChain provides access to Bitcoin SV blocks, transactions, address activity, on-chain data, stats, insights, and much more via a simple REST API.
You can also use this API to broadcast transactions.
The supported networks are:
  • Mainnet
  • Testnet
  • STN
Run in Postman


At this stage no authentication is required to use the API up to 3 requests/sec. If you need more, see below on how to increase your rate limit using an API key.

Rate Limits

Up to 3 requests/sec is free. Need more? Please create a free account on the TAAL Platformand view the available subscription plans there. We offer packages with 10 requests/sec, 20 requests/sec, or custom Enterprise plans.
Once you get your API key from the Platform, here is a usage example:
curl -H 'Authorization: mainnet_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' \
Please make sure to replace mainnet_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with your actual API key.


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