Basic Tutorial - Node

Github Repository

mkdir 1sat-tutorial

cd 1sat-tutorial

Demo code using our 1Sat Token Studio API can be found on Github so you can clone our repository or if you want to do it manually, we need to make now a node project

npm init

and answer in the questions.

Let’s add the dependencies npm install bsv@1.5.4 npm install axios

Make sure your package.json looks like this (you might need to change the type to “module” and add a new entry to run the tutorial- "tutorial": "node index.js"

{ "name": "1sat-tutorial", "version": "1.0.0", "description": "1sat-tutorial", "type": "module", "main": "index.js", "scripts": { "test": "echo \"Error: no test specified\" && exit 1", "tutorial": "node index.js" }, "author": "TAAL", "license": "ISC", "dependencies": { "dependencies": { "axios": "^1.7.2", "bsv": "^1.5.4" } }

Now we are ready to start coding. Create the main file you specified during the setup e.g. index.jsin the root of the 1sat-tutorial folder as well as the helping file 1sat_utils.cjs using your editor or IDE of choice.

  1. Copy the code from our files and paste.

  2. in index.js you will need to replace the sample API key from your TAAL API Key

  3. You can also tune which steps to run, only the creation of a single/standalone token, the inscription of a collection with one item or individual steps you may want to debug in depth e.g.

    const STEPS_TO_TEST =[ 'single', 'collection']; ///const STEPS_TO_TEST =['1.1','1.2','1.3','1.4','1.5', '1.6', '1.7']; //const STEPS_TO_TEST =['2.1','2.2','2.3','2.4','2.5', '2.6', '2.7', '2.8', '2.9'];

You can test now. If all was properly configured you should see something like this:

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